Frequently Asked Questions

About Roof Repair & Roof Replacement in Edmond, OK

Question: Do I need a roof system?

Answer: All asphalt shingles carry some kind of warranty, which is usually limited to just the shingles. System warranties, however, cover the entire roofing system, including the key components that work together to protect your home and deliver lasting performance. If that roofing system ever fails, then the manufacturer covers the cost of the roof, accessories and labor. Nonsystem warranties cover only the shingles, leaving the homeowner to pick up the substantial cost of the accessories and labor.

A Complete Roofing System Consists of:

Roof deck - the roof's foundation, typically constructed with high-quality plywood or 1 x 8 Pine Boards

Underlayment - organic felt paper or synthetic membrane that sits on top of the roof deck, covering and protecting any exposed portions to increase the longevity of your roof

Ice & Water Barrier - a self sealing membrane which runs along the roof's edge (Where required by code and the valleys. This membrane also prevents moisture from leaking through openings around gutters, eaves, chimneys, skylights or vents

Start strips - These are placed around the roofline to keep wind and water from getting under the shingles and to prevent shingle blow-off at the roof edge

Shingles - the outer layer of your roof, shingles come in a range of colors, textures, and thicknesses that give your roof style and function

Flashing - these go around vent pipes, chimneys and other places on your roof where water can penetrate and are made of a combination of galvanized steel and high quality EPDM rubber.

Ventilation - vents allow heat and moisture to escape from your attic, preventing premature wear and tear on the roofing materials while keeping your home clean and comfortable

Shingle ridge cap - these go along the roof's peak and can improve the appearance of the system

Question: My Roof leaks and/or missing shingles, do I need to have it completely replaced?

Answer: Many times leaks or missing shingles are the first signs of a roof in need of replacement. However, you may simply have damaged or improperly installed flashing causing a leak or only a few shingles damaged by our high Oklahoma winds. RC Roofing Solutions will perform a complete inspection to determine the viability of the current roofing system. If only small repairs are need we will provide a detailed estimate of the necessary roof repairs and associated cost.

Question: How important is using a certified installer

Answer: Certified installers have been extensively trained in the application of your roofing system. Certified contractors meet the strictest criteria in the residential roofing and commercial roofing industries and maintain a high standard of quality and customer care.

Question: How long will my roof project take to complete

Answer: Once we start your project we will not leave until it is complete. Approximately 80% of our single family home roofs are completed in one day. However, some larger home can take up to 3 days. If your project takes more than one day we will ensure the roof is water tight and all debris pickup up before leaving the job site each day.

Question: Will my yard and property be checked for nails when the job is complete?

Answer: We know this is a major concern for homeowners as nails can cause tire flats and injure you or those you love. At RC Roofing Solutions we are committing to thoroughly scouring your property for nails and debris. We have several large and small magnets which will be run across the entire property multiple times during and after the roof installation. In addition, a visual inspection is completed by the crew foreman and a final visual inspection is completed by the project manager after all work is complete.

Question: How much do I pay up front to start my roof project?

Answer: RC Roofing Solutions does not take money up front. As an established and financially stable company, we have no reason to request funds up front to "secure the job" or buy material. The request of funds up front is usually a sign of a small or fledgling company. Any reputable company should have the funds to buy material, secure permits/bonds, and pay employees and subcontractors without the need for an advance.

Question: Do you offer financing?

Answer: RC Roofing Solutions offers 28 financing options to fit any budget. We can provide anything from long term low interest options (144 months @ 2.99% interest) to NO INTEREST same as cash options up to 18 months. When financing your project your RC Roofing Solutions representative will work with you to find the best solutions to get fix your home and secure the funds.

Question: Will RC Roofing Solutions work with my insurance company?

Answer: RC Roofing Solutions specializes in filing, negotiating, and completing insurance claims. We can help from the first inspection, meeting the adjuster, negotiating pricing and scope of work, completing the repairs and invoicing the insurance company. In addition we have certified public adjusters who can help if there is ever a dispute with your insurance carrier.