Roof Leak Repair in Oklahoma City

Most people don’t worry about their roof, assuming it will do its job protecting our homeRoof Leak Repair Contractors from the elements. This is true until damage and leaks occur. Should damage occur, count on RC Roofing Solutions for leak repairs in the Oklahoma City metro area.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

  • Broken shingles
  • Cracked vent booting and flashing
  • Buildup of an ice dam
  • Improperly sealed valleys
  • Clogged gutters

Broken shingles

Shingles can get broken especially heavy rains and winds. Professional roofing contractors will remove damaged shingles and replace them with new shingles.

Cracked vent booting

Rubber boots are slipped tightly round the gap of the roof vent to properly seal it. It will decay over time. The flashing may break.

Cracked Flashing

Flashing is put in beneath the shingles and also the roof’s joints. Flashing is a metal piece that is very thin that’s meant to form a barrier to forestall water from leaking in. These metal items will crack.

Buildup of an ice dam

Ice dams can form on the roof’s edge. The sheer weight of an ice dam will harm the roof which can then result in leaking.

Clogged gutters

Gutters are very important to drive the water away from the roof. This will prevent a water build up. This build up will find its way towards cracks in the roof.

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